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7th September 2012:
How to secure your bicycle has been added to the articles section

7th November 2010:
Our mission statement (first small draft) is now online

15th September 2010:
Get your_name@naturefoto.org email address. Hosted by Gmail. We can create up to 50 accounts at this time. Contact us if interested!

26th November 2009:
Important: We recently moved to a new server. If you experience any errors, please contact us. Sorry about the inconvenience.

28th October 2009:
In addition to our Member Articles section, we will soon have a Wiki (accessible at wiki.naturefoto.org). It will enable you to write anything on the site topic. The scheduled launch date is November 26th, 2009 (ok, let's make it Thanksgiving).

25th October 2009:
Want to throw away an old PC? This is how computer parts are really "recycled": youtube.com/watch?v=EXzsqTFwV3Q
Consider one of many ways of donating it instead.

21st June 2009:
Link to Home Project has been added to our Links section.

27th May 2009:
Link to Expedition Portal has been added to our Links section.

8th January 2009:
Link to International League of Conservation Photographers has been added to our Links section.

10th December 2008:
Photo-lobbying by Niall Benvie has been added to the Articles section.

11th June 2007:
Congratulations to this week's winner, pturton.

3rd June 2007:
Congratulations to pole9 for winning the weekly photo challenge. And thanks to everybody for uploading and rating photos!

18th March 2007:
We would like to ask everybody to spread the word about our site. Please tell all the people you know about NatureFoto. If you have a website, we would appreciate if you add one of our banners to it. Click here for more information.


27th January 2007:
Articles section complete and ready to use. Start adding your articles now.

8th January 2007:
Statistics was added to User Panel.

6th January 2007:
User Panel was created to make navigation easier (it is visible after logging in). Sorting by Views and Rating options were added to the View menu.

5th January 2007:
New features: BB code, zip uploads, and EXIF. Code for hot linking is now visible.

4th January 2007:
The View menu was modified to include more options. User Albums are now enabled.

4th January 2007:
The Fauna category was modified after a user request. We would like to ask everybody to move their photos into the new categories (if there is need for it).

2nd January 2007:
Now it possible to view which users are online (green link in the Statistics area).

2nd January 2007:
Statistics is now fully seen on the index page.

1st January 2007:
Added Statistics.

23rd September 2006:
Added a news pane. Balanced design.